Here at Sensual Adventure we offer an exciting range of specialist services. Hiring only qualified experienced erotic masseuses to ensure client satisfaction of a job done right. We are aware of other companies providing low quality un-professional massages. This behaviour lowers the general opinion of the erotic massage industry; it is our aim to restore the respect of a practise that has been around for centuries. A service that reconnects the mind and soul, the physical and the mental, a treatment that done correctly can rejuvenate, even relight ones sexual energy, supporting positive well-being and mental attitude. Our masseuses have trained at the finest oriental massage schools, learning trade secrets that have passed from generation to generation. They are blessed with gifted hands that can communicate with the body, understanding its needs and providing specialist, individual treatments for every client.

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For the busy working man in London, we understand the difficult pressures you are under and the difficulty in managing a balance of work and personal life. Our services offer the perfect solution to satisfying your carnal needs, whilst being able to fit around your hectic schedule. Our massages provide both deep muscle relief mixed with sensual pleasure to relieve you of any stress, leaving you feeling lighter and better equipped to face any challenge

Massages available at Sensual Adventure

4 Hands Massage

A Four Hand Massage is full body pleasure. Imagine the soft, delicate hands of a trained masseuse, working their way along your body; ironing out every ache, every tension. Imagine this, but now imagine the added benefit of another masseuse, a second pair of hands. The effect of this treatment is full body stimulation. With a typical massage a masseuse can only cover a certain amount of your body at one time, but with a Four Hand massage all of your body is stimulated at once. Creating an experience of pure sexual and mental ecstasy, your body is the canvas and the beautiful trained women will confidently eliminate any stresses from your body allowing you complete undisturbed pleasure.

B2B Massage

Body to body massage is one of our most popular services. It is a technique that combines close naked body contact with traditional massage techniques. Your masseuse will undress you and herself, drizzling warm aromatic oil on your naked body. She will then massage the oil in to your skin using their expertly skilled techniques which will relax and soothe your muscles. The oil is used to both release relaxing aromas and enables your masseuse to rub her body all over you without causing friction. The effect of the masseuse’s slippery frame pressing against your hot body eases tensions in your muscles and allows you and your oriental lady to become up close and personal.

Full Service

The exciting thing about choosing the full package service is that our Masseuses can mould the experience to meet any sexual fantasy you desire. Trained experts of the human body, our masseuses really know how to get your blood pumping.  Starting your session with a massage of your choice, a body-to-body, nuru or tantric massage to ease you of stress and allow you to reach a state of complete bliss before penetration. Once your Masseuse has got you into this deep state of relaxation, you can take your session wherever you like, nothing is off limits. It can either be slow and romantic or you can explore your wilder fantasies and try things you may never have had the opportunity to before.

Happy Ending

This erotic massage is the ultimate rush. Your masseuse will begin by massaging your body, taking you to a place of deep relaxation before slowly sliding her hands up and down your skin, brushing light fingers over your groin etc.  This massage is focused on the build-up so expect a lot of slow movements. The masseuse will bring you to the edge of orgasm and back off before you tip over. This will be repeated several times. It will feel extremely frustrating, but extremely pleasurable as well. The secret to a genuine erotic massage is to delay orgasm so you are kept on the pleasurable edge for a long period of time. By doing this, tension is built up.

Lingam Massage

The word ‘Lingam’ derives the Sanskrit word ‘penis’, so with that in mind, I’m sure you can guess what this massage is all about…Your masseuse will focus her delicate touch on your intimate area, giving you intensely deep and sensual pleasure. The Lingam massage is an ancient style of massage that has been practised for thousands of years. Our highly trained masseuses are specialists in performing Lingam massages and our renowned for bringing clients to the brink of orgasm not once but several times during any one session.  The benefit of this edging technique builds a stronger, more earth shattering orgasm once your masseuse brings you to finish.

Nuru Massage

Distinctive from other treatments, ‘Nuru’ originates from Japan and its basic translation is ‘slippery’. The Nuru massage involves both you and your masseuse being lathered in the luxurious formula ‘Nuru gel’. At the start of your Nuru Massage your masseuse will undress you both and lather you in Nuru gel. The silky gel has a special warming sensation when rubbed on to your skin and provides the perfect base for your masseuse to slide her perfect form, her subtle breasts and bare bum, along your tingling naked body. Using her expert knowledge of pleasuring, she will skilfully grind your intimate areas. They don’t call it the naughtiest erotic massage for nothing!

Prostate Massage

Starting the session using fine massage oils to ease away your stresses and tensions, your masseuse will take you to a place of complete relaxation before leading your session to a very special next level. The Prostate is a neglected part of the male reproductive system. Tucked away, it often gets overlooked in favour of another important organ… But if you’ve never experienced prostate stimulation you’re missing out! The prostate is the ‘male g spot’ and when massaged correctly, stimulates mind-blowing orgasms on a whole other level to your average climax. The fantastic thing about prostate pleasure that a lot of people are unaware of is that it can be a way to achieve the elusive male multiple orgasms.

Tantric Massage

A Tantric massage is it is a highly regarded erotic massage which draws elements from yoga, spirituality and sexual therapy.  The massage offers you a full body relaxation that can awaken pleasure portals in your body that you didn’t even know were there. The role of the masseuse is to incite this spiritual, sensual state out of their client by gently and sensually massaging their abdomen, legs, thighs, chest, nipples, arms and fingers with aromatic oils. The masseuse encourages you to take deep slow breathes, to slow everything down, to be mindful and present to every sensation, moving sexual energy around the body not just in the genital area. The effect of this opening to full body sexual sensitivity is full body orgasmic pleasure.

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