An explanation of what a tantric massage is

Tantra is the ancient Hindu practice that seeks to bring balance to the body’s energy centres by redirecting the flow of sexual energy. It is characterised by a slow build of sexual arousal, transferring that energy to all parts of the body.  This creates an orgasm like no other, with sensation spread evenly over the whole body. The aim is to leave the client with an intense and long-lasting satisfaction that creates a renewed energy in their life even after they leave the parlour.

At the start of your massage, your therapist will lie you down and cover your body (and hers!) in beautifully fragranced oils. In this calm and tranquil state, she will give you a massage you would receive in any high-end spa or parlour, easing stresses and aches from your muscles with her expert fingers. Using her expertise she will slowly build up your desire, creating a slow-burning yet intense pleasure that you are sure to remember forever!

Our tantric massage service is one of our ‘tamer’ options, but no less sensual and erotic for it. This massage is perfect for a first-time visitor to our parlour, or someone who may be struggling with issues such as body confidence or impotency. It is a special way to take care of your libido – the force that fires your passion and energy in countless areas of your life. It’s a great way to improve your sex life, working on any issues you may have at the hands of our sympathetic therapists.

Tantric massage with oil

More about your experience

Our therapists are expertly trained in the art of tantra and will tailor make your experience to ensure you get as much as possible out of it. Your masseuse will gradually bring you to a blissful orgasm, and then continue your care in the afterglow of this pleasure, ensuring you leave feeling fully relaxed.  This also extends your pleasure, creating an even more special experience.

Here at Sensual Adventure, your massage doesn’t end when you climax. You have a full hour in the company of our stunning and experienced girls who can build your pleasure up all over again or simply ensure that your otherworldly bliss lasts as long as possible.

Tantric massage with woman in bra

Health benefits

Massage alone has amazing benefits for health and relaxation. It improves circulation, relaxes the mind and boosts feel-good chemicals in the brain. Throw in tantric techniques and the benefits improve tenfold! Tantra has been linked with improvements in sexual performance, stamina, potency and even fertility!

Orgasms also carry amazing health benefits. They boost endorphins and oxytocin in the brain, working as a natural stress and pain reliever. This can also help insomnia, depression, anxiety and numerous other conditions. Because this is a slow building orgasm it makes the whole body feel good, creating an unrivalled sense of tranquillity.

Incall and outcall prices chart

How much will it cost?

Our tantric massage starts at £120 for an incall session and £150 for outcall. Four hands are double the price and extras generally go for £20. Full service starts at £160.


With our happy ending massage, you receive a naked massage with a happy ending. If you opt for full service you get oral and penetration on top of that.

Yes! We have a group of highly trained and beautiful girls from China, Japan, and Korea. Check out our gallery or simply pick your favourite when you visit the parlour.

Yes, you can! This is a deeply intimate and sensual experience, and getting up close and personal with our girls is part of the deal. However, it is always recommended that you discuss options with your therapist first and ensure you have full consent. It is also recommended that you shower beforehand, and you may want to shower afterwards, too.

We are based in Marylebone and open from 10 in the morning to 3 am every day. Our last available appointment can be booked at 2:30 am.