Lingam Massage

Who are Sensual Adventure and what is a lingam massage?

Hello there handsome, feeling stressed out at work or home? Well come and visit us for the sweetest of escapes. We are a London-based massage parlour who not only relax our clients, but also give them a sexual release too. You’ll leave us feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and eager to book your next session. One of our most popular services is lingam massage.

Lingam loosely translates into ‘wand of light’ and is essentially a massage which concentrates on your manhood. To begin lingam, the therapist starts with a full body massage to warm up your skin before manoeuvring her soft hands to your erogenous zones. She will cup your balls, tease your tip and pump all of your sexual energy to a near orgasm. She will continue to repeat this until you’re at a point of no return, stimulating the most overwhelming release like no other. If you’ve previously felt overpowered by an orgasm, then think again. A lingam massage at Sensual Adventure will blow more than just your mind.

Where can I get a lingam massage?

Our philosophy is that our clients are at the heart of everything we do. We understand that majority of our clientele are businessmen, so we aim to be fully flexible to cater our services around their often chaotic schedules. By doing this we operate lingam massage as an incall and outcall service. Incall and outcall come with their own benefits. On arrival for an incall massage you are greeted by every one of our stunning masseuses, who you can select from for your massage. Alternatively, you get to beat the stresses of London traffic when you request a mobile booking. Both services are available from 10am to 3am, seven days a week.

Why should I get a lingam massage?

With lingam massage, there’s no beating around the bush and is euphorically intense of the get-go. Not only is it insanely pleasurable, the powerful strokes also eliminate stress. Orgasms have also been proven to be extremely effective at relieving worries from the mind. Lingam massage is also great for getting to know your body’s capabilities and limits, as well as building your sexual stamina. The list is endless!

How much is a lingam massage?

Incall rates start from 130 GBP - Outcall rates start from £180 GBP

How to book a lingam massage?

To book a lingam massage dial or text our 24 hour hotline at any point of the day.

Broadley Terrace, London, NW1 6LG

Previous questions our clients have asked

Can i have a lingam massage with the full service?

Yes, lingam massage is always available for the full service. After the masseuse has sensationally turned on your manhood it’s only natural you’ll probably crave the full she-bang. Just be sure to remain respectful and inform the therapist of your wishes.

How many times can you cum?

With lingam massage you can ejaculate as many times as you like in your allocated time slot. We understand some client might reach orgasm faster than others – we would never penalise someone for simply enjoying themselves.

Where are the masseuses from?

All of the therapists are of oriental descent and originate from China, Japan and Korea. We believe communication is key to a successful massage and therefore all of our masseuses are English-speaking.  This ensures that you’re able to discuss your personal preferences and extras you may have at the beginning of your session.