Erotic Massage

About Sensual Adventure

We are Sensual Adventure- an elite massage business that offers a range of exciting massage services to men across London. All of our erotic masseuses are expertly trained so you can rest easy knowing you’ll get the service you’ve paid for. Whilst other companies may be okay with providing mediocre services, we will never settle for second-best, unprofessional massages, because it gives the erotic massage industry a bad reputation. Ultimately, we always endeavour to provide a top-class service and therefore aim to show customers how life-changing this historic practice can be. A massage with us can reconnect the mind and soul as well as the physical and mental. Every single person feels rejuvenated after a session with us and feels a surge of sexual energy pulsing through their veins. Seen as though all of our masseuses have trained at the best oriental massage schools in Asia, they are adapt to perform incomparable massages with plenty of trade secrets. They are able to communicate with your body in the specialist of ways; adapting each and every session to the customer.

Perhaps you’re a businessman living in London who finds it difficult to balance personal life with work. Don’t fret- we are here to satisfy your carnal needs whilst working around your crazy schedule. Our massages will leave your muscles feeling totally relaxed and all of your stresses will simply fade away. This will leave you feeling ready to face any challenge.

A step by step guide to erotic massage

When you come to us for a massage, you will have the chance to choose the stunning masseuse who will soothe your muscles and loosen any tension from your body. The session will be enjoyed by both of you, naked, so expect plenty of erotic, sexual sensations in your most sensitive areas. An erotic massage with us is your chance to be spoiled and adores by a trained expert who can guide your body through a journey of sexual pleasure which has previously been dormant. She will masterfully massage your shoulders, neck, back and other areas of your body, releasing you from stress and making you feel totally calm. Ever had a multiple orgasm? Well, be prepared to experience this once in a lifetime sensation!

The most exciting thing about erotic massage is there are no rules. Your massage therapist will sexually, sensually and slowly tease your naked body into a state of pure ecstasy that will change your entire outlook on sex. You’ll never experience anything like it again- so be sure not to miss out.

Our prices are particularly competitive as we do not believe you should have to pay extortionate amounts for a quality service.  However if you are considering 4 Hands be aware that as you are requesting the services of two masseuses it is our priciest massage.

Our prices for a Erotic massage

Incall rates start from £130 GBP - Outcall rates start from £180 GBP

Why not try our 4 hands massage?

Almost every man’s dream is to have two beautiful women tending to his sexual needs and desires. That is why we offer our mind-blowing 4 hands massage service, to allow you to indulge in the beauty of an erotic massage to a whole new level. Our 4 hands massage is particularly popular with those who have little time but perhaps require more attention and maximum relief. Imagine instead of one masseuse nurturing and tending to your body, you have two… Our 4 hand erotic massage can make that a reality for you! With more hands comes more feelings and freedom to explore various different parts of your body at the same time, reaching all those sensitive areas to help you reach heavenly heights of pleasure. The massage focuses in on your muscles, releasing any stress or tension that you may have, bringing your body and mind into a state of total relaxation. This erotic experience will help you put all your worries and strives aside, and let you live in the moment.

What can you expect?

Although a 4 hand massage may still be quite unfamiliar to many of the Western world, it is a speciality massage that has been shaped and sculpted to perfection for centuries throughout different regions in the East. We feel excited and honoured to be able to deliver this authentic service to our clients, especially to such a high standard. We believe that a 4 hand massage can help you mentally even more as each masseuse is able to take one half of the body, allowing healing on both sides of the brain. Ultimately, it is more effective than your standard massage as it is reaching all the pain receptors in your brain at the same time.  You get to experience two intense massages at the same time, that also combine to send one pleasurable rush through your muscles, electrifying each part of your body. You feel full body relief, unparalleled to any other massage that you will ever receive.

Your dream massage won’t end when you leave, it is something that will say with you forever and have you craving for it again as soon as possible.

How can you reach us?

Broadley Terrace, London, NW1 6LG