Body to Body Massage

What can i expect

Here at Sensual Adventure we provide an incredible range of specialist massage services that are guaranteed to satisfy your every need. We hire only qualified, erotic masseuses to ensure that our services are of the highest standards- so you can rest assured we will get the job done. Whilst many other companies may provide unprofessional and low-quality services, we at Sensual Adventure don’t. Sadly, its businesses like these that give erotic massage a bad name, but it is our aim to show London how incredible this ancient practice is. Our services are designed to reconnect the mind, body and soul and to encourage a positive wellbeing and mental state. Our massage therapists were specially trained at elite, oriental massage schools and have therefore learnt many trade secrets that have been passed down between generations. Their expert hands are able to touch you in ways you never thought possible; reading and communicating with your body more than you ever could. If you’re a businessman in London and suffer from stresses and pressures on a daily basis, you probably find it difficult to balance your work and personal life. We can offer a solution for you that promises to satisfy your every need whilst working around your busy schedule. For an unparalleled sensual pleasure, deep muscle relaxation and a euphoric experience, we are the business for you.

Step by step body to body

Body to body massage is one of our most popular services. It is a technique that combines close naked body contact with traditional massage techniques. Your masseuse will undress you and herself, pouring calming aromatic oil on to your naked body. The masseuse will then massage the oil in to your skin using her specialist techniques to relax and soothe your muscles. The oil is crucial in both release relaxing aromas and enabling your masseuse to rub her body all over you without any friction. If you are sceptical, trust that even if it sounds a bit weird, the sensation of a firm beautiful body rubbing seamlessly over your naked self is both sensual and really relaxing. The effect of the masseuse’s silky skin pressing against your hot body eases tensions in your muscles and allows you and your oriental lady to become up close and personal.

The benefits of Body to Body massage

Body to body massage has many proven health benefits as well as being incredibly arousing. After the massage has finished you can expect to feel totally refreshed, as well as other amazing benefits such as:

1) Headache relief.

2) Lessened anxiety.

3) More sexual confident.

4) A higher libido.

5) Less joint pain.

The session includes hand play, but many of our customers also choose to opt for the happy ending too, or the full package. This will simply enhance your pleasure. Please refer to the price chart below if you’re interested.

Our prices are particularly competitive as we do not believe you should have to pay extortionate amounts for a quality service.  However if you are considering 4 Hands be aware that as you are requesting the services of two masseuses it is our priciest massage.

Our prices for a Body to Body Massage

Incall rates start from £130 GBP - Outcall rates start from £180 GBP

How can you reach us?

Broadley Terrace, London, NW1 6LG

Frequently asked questions by our clients

Are there showers?

Yes, in all of our Incall locations there are showers, which you are welcome to use. Towels and soap are provided free of charge. You can even have a pre-massage soapy session with your masseuse for a small fee.

Can i touch the masseuse?

Of course you are allowed to touch your masseuse; you will certainly want to run your hands along her silky skin during this massage.  Saying that, it is important you remain respectful. Communicate with your masseuse if you are unsure you should do something. All our masseuses are very open, warm people, don’t be afraid to ask!

Can I choose the masseuse?

Of course you can, our ethos lays in your satisfaction. We want you to choose the girl you like the most. If you choose the Incall service you can select a girl there and then, if you opt for the Outcall service feel free to check out our girl gallery and book your favourite masseuse in advance.

How do I pay?

We typically request that you pay in cash and you bring it with you to your session, but bank transfers can be arranged.