Why is a prostate massage the perfect Christmas gift for your partner this year?

A couple stood next to a Christmas tree

Why is a prostate massage the perfect Christmas gift for your partner this year?


Christmas is the season of giving, this year why not give your partner something they really want…


There’s nothing less personal than a mug or a scarf or one of those vintage games they have piled high in places like TK Maxx around Christmas time.


This might sound like a bit of a wildcard present idea but believe you and me, once you’ve heard the facts of the matter there is no way you won’t consider this alternative gift-giving trend that has taken the UK by storm.


What makes our prostate massage Central London service such a great alternative?

Okay, let’s start with this… getting your partner the perfect gift starts with figuring out what they really need or desire. In this modern world with gadgets and gizmos and Ipads and selfie sticks and clothes by the truck full is there anything we really need?


The answer to that? Yes, in this modern world of having stuff upon stuff there is something we seriously need: connection. We need to remember the importance of connection, human connection.


A staggering 42% of couples living in the British capital are navigating long distance. The ability to maintain relationships in this manner I can only predict is heavily influenced by the surge of technology use and invention. We can facetime, skype, message constantly- no more waiting for Mr Postman, we are living in the digital age. But this comes with its pitfalls… you cannot hug a mobile phone, you cannot kiss the back of your computers neck (I mean you could but why would you??)  Basically what I’m saying is ATTENTION ALL LONG DISTANCE LOVERS: This Christmas do not get your partner a pillow with your face super embossed on to it, get them some physical companionship.


I’m not saying you ought to get your boyfriend a hooker, Jesus, no! What I am saying is the best way to keep your partner from straying in your extended absence is to ensure they are well looked after. And what could be better on your return, or when you’re next up to visit than being blown away with their new found sexual confidence and skill!


An Asian masseuse lay down on a brown rug waiting for her next male client to join her for a prostate massage


So how possibly can you enable your partner to explore themselves sexually whilst avoiding the classic trap of them cheating on you or using prostitutes? The answer, my friend, is not blowing in the wind it is very firmly here on the ground. The tangible solution; erotic massage.


That’s right as a nation, Britain has finally begun to open its arms and minds to the idea of erotic massages. Something that has actually been hugely popular across Asia for many many years. Getting erotic massages in the East is a part of the culture, part of everyday life. In Eastern culture receiving an erotic massage is not considered a cheating offence at all, it is simply a way to service the body and fulfil particular sexual and physical needs. Men in China, Japan, and Korea etc. visit erotic massage parlours as frequently as say a man in the UK would visit the barbers. It’s a way of life!


As a metropolitan individual, it should not be too much of a stress for your mind to navigate the idea that your partner getting a massage and sexual gratification should not be in any stretch a reflection on how they feel about you. If anything the fact that it will be you gifting them with the service means that the experience is a shared one that can only strengthen your union.


How can a prostate massage be beneficial to them?

Many men suffer from sexual issues, frustrations and most men would admit that they could do with a little training to better understand their bodies and their potential. Getting your partner an erotic massage can solve all of this.


In particular, I would recommend you purchase them a prostate massage. Prostate massage is something I believe all men should experience at some point in their lives. Many heterosexual men are put off, or rather fear trying our prostate massage Central London service as they associate it with homosexuality but this is a myth. In fact it- and when I say fact I mean it is scientifically proven that all men experience a heightened sense of pleasure when getting their prostate gland massaged.


An Asian masseuse lay on a bed with rose petals


Giving your man the gift of learning where the true core of his pleasure portal lies is a Christmas present he certainly won’t forget. In the same way, a woman can only orgasm from clitoral stimulation, men can only experience intense orgasms similar to that of a woman from getting their prostate massaged.


So this Christmas give your man the gift of a lifetime, give him an earth moving orgasm – I mean that beats a pair of novelty socks, right?