The top massage techniques to use during an Asian tantric massage

A male client getting a sexual healing tantric masssage

The top massage techniques to use during an Asian tantric massage


Popularised in India, an Asian tantric massage, is a massage dripping in spiritual enlightenment and sexual liberation. Out of all of the most popular massage styles available in the UK, tantric massage is a set apart from the rest. To really explain what makes tantric massage so special you really have to experience it for yourself. If you want to get a clearer idea of what tantric massage is all about read below and hear some of our regular client’s favourite techniques, submitted anonymously doing a recent call out. This Gentlemen, is our list of top 3 memorable tantric massage techniques… (Enjoy!)


“Kneading…” – Charles, 46.

“The delicate hands of an erotic masseuse are far superior to that of a regular masseuse. During tantric massage the erotic masseuse starts by kneading out all of the pressurized air in my upper and lower back, this leaves my muscles feeling relaxed with the added bonus of heightened sensitivity. The erotic masseuse continues to knead my back once all of the muscles are free of tension and I am in a state of blissful tranquillity- the effect of this is that every further knead feels sexually stimulating and her rhythm reflects that of penetrative impact- it’s hard to explain but believe me, there’s no feeling like a tantric knead.”


“Trigger point therapy” – Andy, 32.

“One of the best things about tantra for me is how it has taught me so much about my own body. Not only did it make me aware of certain trigger points but it actually opened them up – it’s as though through my journey in to tantra it has awoken portals that would have alternatively lay dormant my entire life. With tantra the more you dedicate to it the more you can train your body to become more sexually open and available. I describe it to friends like this; if you were to take up running, say you ran three times a week, you’d notice by the end of the month that you are able to achieve much further distances than you could ever have done before, tantra is the same. Your masseuse will employ special massage techniques that awaken these trigger points – and by that I mean when massaged, when touched you experience high levels of sexual adrenaline – similar to that which would come over when your genitals are touched but in areas, you wouldn’t imagine! This makes sexual activity much more varied and exciting; and it’s all down to tantric trigger point therapy.”


“Rhythmic compression” – Carl, 44.

“For me, the best thing about tantric massage is the rhythm. As this is an erotic massage style rhythm is much more important here than in a regular massage style. With sexual intercourse, a lot of its success is down to whether you and your partner have a good rhythm, a bad rhythm can lead to neither parties being properly satisfied. Rhythmic compression is a massage technique that involves weighing deep into the bodies tissues in a stable and consistent rhythm. This means that your body experiences an all-encompassing sensation of impact, softening the entirety of your insides leaving you with a bizarre but ultimately intensely pleasurable experience of melting – it really is something special.”


A diagram for tantra massage


Is it better to be prepared for your tantric massage?

When getting a massage for the first time it can be overwhelming (in a good way of course) but so intense and pleasurable that there is no moment to acknowledge or work out what your masseuse is doing. Having an idea of some of the top massage techniques employed during tantric will give you an idea in advance of what you will experience – this will allow you to be able to pinpoint easier what is happening and when.


With some erotic massage styles, I would encourage you to go blind sighted, allow yourself the pleasure of experiencing intense gratification without questioning it. One of the joys of getting an erotic massage is that it’s one of the only times you will have a sexual experience without having to put the effort in! You are being pleasured not the other way around; bliss! That being said with tantric massage I encourage you to ask questions and be aware – it’s the best erotic massage style to really get to know yourself and your needs, so grab the opportunity with both hands!


Anyone who regularly experiences tantric massage is aware that the more you learn about tantra and the different massage techniques the bigger your realm of sexual pleasure becomes. I would say tantric massage is the ideal erotic massage style for anyone that suffers from impotence or a low sex drive.  (And anyone else! Of course!)