Two Asian masseuses giving a 4 hands massage on a Nuru bed

What actually is a 4 hands massage ?

This is part of a monthly blog series, looking to uncover many trade secrets and muddled mystery surrounding erotic massage and parlour conduct within the London massage scene. A series of blogs written by the people who know ‘what’s what’.  We have spoken to masseuses, parlour management, regular clients and first-timers to get a broad and informative scope.


This week we are turning our attention to ‘four hands massage’, one of the most expensive massage services available and notoriously worth it. We check in with our regular sex expert and erotic masseuse Pippa, who learnt authentic four hands massage practices in the prestigious School of Massage in Kawaski City, Japan. She has many years’ experience working in the London Massage scene and basically, knows her stuff. We will also be speaking to Londoners, and massage clients Roger and Micky. Roger is an erotic massage regular and has experienced his fair share of four hands massage. In contrast, Micky has sampled four hands for the first time and opened up to us about the experience.


So let’s get started. First off, a brief explanation as to what I know four hands to be. Four hands is an erotic massage service that involves two masseuses massage you at the same time. Sounds pretty simple right? But what’s the difference between two hands and four, is it really worth paying the extra? Is it basically a threesome? – These are questions I had, and I got my answers…and so much more.


Firstly I spoke to Pippa, our resident erotic masseuse and sex expert. I asked her what she considered four hands to be.




“Four hands is transcendent. There’s no other word. Normally when a client gets a massage it doesn’t matter how good the masseuse, no matter how relaxed she makes him, he is still aware that he is receiving a massage. He is present and aware that there are hands on his back creating the pleasurable sensations. With a four hands, the masseuses work in a synchronised motion, each taking half of the client’s body. The human brain is split into two and each side controls that side of the body. Four hands is the only massage where both sides of the brain receive pleasure signals at the same time. This means that the pleasure is maximised, creating intense energy. If done correctly by trained masseuses, the client won’t be able to determine where one hand begins and the other ends, this in turn allows the client to go into a different realm, unable to make out reality, the body is transported to a blissful other space of pure, uncomplicated pleasure. It really is fantastic.”

Two Asian masseuses providing a 4 Hands massage to a client

I then asked the same question to Roger who has apparently lost count of the amount of four hand massages he has had.




“Well I mean it’s one of them, isn’t it. Four hands is amazing, like seriously. But you couldn’t get it all the time; I’d have to sell my house! Definitely, a massage to get if you’re really treating yourself. I’ve gone for two hour four hand massages every year on my birthday for maybe what, 8 years? And believe me, every time it feels like I’m going home. Two minutes in and I’m transported to this space of complete ecstasy that just builds and builds and, my god it’s like heroin. Pure heroin. Saying that, unlike heroin, after four hands I always feel amazing. If you’ve got muscle pain, stiff joints that kind of thing, four hands will sort that out. Four hands is a much more of a bodily cleanse than any other kind of massage. If you’re looking for pain relief I’d recommend four hands. I used to drive long distances with work and had a really bad back for a while, I’d had a few regular massages and it’d soothe the pain but only short term. After getting a four hands massage I felt lighter, I could tell my back pain had improved right off the bat- my back felt straighter, stronger, it was weird. But nah, I tell yer haven’t had trouble with my back since.”


So far we’ve gathered that four hands massage is intensely pleasurable, involves getting two sides of your brain massaged, transports you to ‘another place’ and is an excellent cure for back pain. Wonderful! I now check in with our four hands novice Micky, I’m sure this guy will have something bad to say… I ask him was it worth it, did he enjoy it more than a massage with one masseuse?




Oh, it’s totally different, incomparable.




Oh? In a good way?




“Mate, it was amazing. Like I want to spend my entire life constantly having a four hands massage. If there was like a machine that could make me feel that good all the time I’d swap my left arm, my car. Seriously, I never knew I could feel that good. I’ve had massages before like but this didn’t even feel like getting a massage, it was magic. It was like put me under a spell and I was just floating on a cloud of bliss for what felt like forever and no time at all. It was like I was tripping seriously, but with no drugs and no comedown. I feel like I wanna scream about it from rooftops and that. Maybe I’ll post something on Reddit haha- not exactly something to tell my mum.”


Well, there we have it. Four hands massage is so good people wanna scream about it on Reddit.  From everyone, I spoke to four hands massage was a life-changing experience. Once they had gone behind the curtain they discovered something above and beyond their wildest fantasies. Their bodies, which they had previously believed they were so well acquainted with, could feel things they had never felt before, sensations they didn’t know they could experience. Four hands is certainly not your average erotic massage – and certainly one worth checking out.


So now you know what it is and would like to try the authentic experience check out Sensual Adventure, for how to book an appointment around Central London.