How Lingam massage helped my mind not just my body

A diagram of a puzzle piece missing from a persons brain that represents how a lingam massage can benefit you both physically and mentally

How Lingam massage helped my mind not just my body


Lingam massage equals good mental health

When people hear of erotic massages they initially assume that men only visit massage parlours for one thing. Although this may be the case for some, our guest today tells us how erotic massages benefitted his mental health!


“Hi Daniel, so tell us a little bit about yourself?”


“Hi, I am Daniel Russo and I am a 31-year-old Civil and Structural Engineer.”


“When was the first time you received an erotic massage?”


“I only actually had my first ever erotic massage last year surprisingly, so fairly recently.”


“Where did you go for your first ever erotic massage experience?”


“I visited an Asian massage parlour in Central London, Marylebone to be precise. I had heard that the Asian massage parlours that had girls from China, Japan and Korea were the best.”


“What was the reason for your first ever visit to an erotic massage parlour?”


“When I initially decided to go to an erotic massage parlour, I have to admit that it was purely for pleasure and an impulsive act. I am single and of course, as a young man, I have certain needs that need to be met. Some of my friends had visited the massage parlour before and I had heard nothing but very positive reviews about the services provided. Therefore I decided to try one for myself and it was one of the best decisions I made.”


A professional Asian masseuse lay down in white underwear


“What did it feel like physically?”


“It felt absolutely amazing. Often when you have sex with somebody for the first time, in a more natural setting than an erotic massage parlour, it can be quite awkward due to the fact that you don’t know what the other person enjoys or likes in the bedroom. However, the masseuse made sure to ask me about my sexual needs and desires beforehand which was really nice, and it made it a whole lot better. Despite the fact that she asked, she still knew exactly what she was doing and I could tell she had been trained very highly to a professional level. I opted for the lingam massage, and it really was a good option and game changer for me.”


“A lingam massage is basically a massage style that focuses on your penis, and it helped me in more ways than just physical and sexual gratification. The masseuse began by massaging my whole body in a slow and sensual manner, working on my muscles and areas of pain or tension. This helped me get into a very relaxed mode, and it felt incredibly soothing for me. It allowed me to take time to reflect on my life and realise that this had been the first time in ages where I actually took time to focus on myself, letting all the negativity and toxins be released from my body. I suddenly became quite emotional but in a good way.”


“The masseuse used her naked body to rub against mine which made us both very aroused. She then began to worship my penis which felt amazing. She used her hands, fingers, mouth, lips and tongue to reach all of my sensitive areas until I reached climax.”


“What did it feel like mentally?”


Mentally and emotionally, I left the massage session with an overall sense of well-being. I became a lot more soothed and relaxed than I imagined, helping me to realise that perhaps the real reason I came to her massage parlour was not for physical gratification but for the companionship of another in an intimate way. I always thought I was fine with being by myself, however being touched by someone and taking the time to zone out of the business of life made me realise that perhaps I was quite lonely and that I should speak out about my feelings more.”


A colourful human brain that represents how a lingam massage can stimulate your mind


“Would you say that the lingam massage had a positive effect on your life?”


Yes, it had a very big positive effect on my life. It made me want to take care of my body and mind, and I was taught how to do this by the masseuse. I am now a lot more open about my feelings and if I am feeling down in the dumps, or not myself, I feel compelled to speak out about it rather than bottling it all up. Like any massage, a lingam sex massage is highly therapeutic and is good for the body, mind and soul in so many ways.”


“Would you recommend it to those who may have anxiety/stress/depression?”


I definitely think that a lingam massage or any sort of erotic massage can be very helpful when it comes to your mental health. If you are feeling stressed this can lead to many other problems and taking a moment to breathe, to focus on your mind and body can be the perfect way to release these negative feelings.”