Lingam Massage: The myths, the mystery and the multiple orgasms

An Asian masseuse looking surprised during a lingam massage

Lingam Massage: The myths, the mystery and the multiple orgasms

A simple guide to Lingam massage, helping you understand what it is, how it feels and where you can get it.



First off let’s start with what a Lingam massage is. For the uninitiated, going for an erotic massage can be unnecessarily confusing. With every massage holding a coded message, going for any random service could leave you getting a service you really did not anticipate or desire. By doing your research you could save yourself a lot of embarrassment later. So here we are, and this is where we start, in an effort to save your skin-quite literally…


So lingam… The best way to explain this massage is to translate it; lingam derives from the Sanskrit language, the word translates to ‘penis’. Learning this gives away the focal point of the lingam massage – the male sex organ.




The main principle behind lingam massage is to honour the lingam. This spiritual massage takes inspiration from both Hindu and Buddhist teachings. It is an Eastern massage that revolves around sourcing and creating energy through pleasure, thereby releasing the soul from its shackles, allowing the body to express fully and freely. Serious practitioners of massage would argue that orgasm is not the primary motivation but all would agree that it is a positive side effect of the service.




When performing this massage, the erotic masseuse will focus on her clients’ testicles, perineum, lingam and sacred spot (prostate). By paying close attention to these areas which carry the most sexual energy and the most susceptible areas to the power of touch, the masseuse is building her client’s pleasure portals. By building the pleasure slowly the man will begin to experience a mind-altering frenzy of delight. His entire body begins to tremor and his whole body begins to feel as sensitive to touch as his intimate areas typically do. By experiencing a lingam massage a man will go through a life-altering journey, re-discovering himself and the capabilities of his body. Post – lingam massage, clients find that they are much more in control of their sexual energy, in a way they never experienced before. By being able to control their own energy, men are able to last longer and have stronger and more pleasurable orgasms every time.


A lingam massage performed by an Asian masseuse on a Nuru bed



When getting any sort of erotic massage it is important to go to a refutable parlour. The danger of going to a parlour that is anything less than refutable is that you won’t receive an authentic massage. To ensure you get the best lingam massage I’d recommend Sensual Adventure. This massage company is based in Central London and after many years has established itself in the heart of the erotic massage industry, catering for the busy London workers and tourists. With affordable rates and genuine, authentic Asian massage services, you won’t be disappointed.




As we’ve discussed, Lingam isn’t just about orgasmic pleasure the benefits to your body are worth the trip alone. If you are a man that suffers from early ejaculation or finds it difficult to maintain an erection, a lingam massage could be the answer to your prayers. By paying close attention to your intimate areas and really listening to where your body feels the most pleasure, your masseuse will help you learn how to master your sexual energy in a way that will mean you can prevent early ejaculation or learn to maintain a hard-on.  


Not only is it beneficial to understand your own body, but also important to explore your sexual side. By repressing sexual needs and urges you can suffer mental strain, leading to all kinds of problems, from depression, to anger, even anxiety. By being completely open and treating your body well and acknowledging your private needs and wants and satisfying them you will be healthier and happier.


A lingam massage is the ultimate de-stressing massage. If you are suffering from headaches, fatigue, a general grey mood, then a lingam massage is the perfect solution. By treating your body to an hour of blissful pleasure, your natural endorphins and energy portals will open, making you feel re-energised and refreshed.


Lingam massage being performed by masseuse



  • Am I likely to have multiple orgasms from the lingam massage?


It’s not definite but it’s more than likely. By teasing out the pleasure on the lingam, clients build orgasms bigger and better than anything they have experienced before. Because the masseuse concentrates on creating forces of erotic energy within the client’s body, more often than not a client will experience multiple orgasms with one session.



  • Does the size of my penis effect how good the massage is?


Not at all, with lingam massage one size really fits all! Whether you have an extremely large lingam or a very modest one, the lingam massage will give you ultimate sexual pleasure.


  • Can I get a lingam massage without sexual intercourse?


Definitely, although many men enjoy the massage with full service, just as many are just as content getting the service with just a happy ending.



  • How can I make sure I go to a refutable massage parlour?


Do your research! I can never stress this enough. There are so many places offering erotic massage it is important you do your homework first. If you find a company online and they clearly don’t know anything about specific massage services and what these massages include then they are more than likely just a cover for an unsolicited brothel – you should avoid these.  You wouldn’t go to an unlicensed doctor, so why would you go to a dodgy massage parlour?