Various massaging equipment that will be used during a Nuru massage

Nuts about Nuru!

It’s the Japanese erotic massage style that has taken Britain by storm. But why is that? Why over the last 6 months has Britain seen a huge wave of popularity soar for this once obscure and specialist massage style? Can it be that the mounting pressures of the UK’s political climate have opened the floodgates to a need for a more intense realm of relaxation?  Nuru massage has been huge in the East since its dawn in the 1970s. Guessing how it has taken so long to capture the hearts of Britain is a fruitless task. Trying it for yourself now that it has taken off around the country is a must. There are no excuses anymore, if you look for it, you’ll find it.


What is so great about our Nuru massage London service?

But first off what is Nuru and why should we be getting excited about it? Now hear me out when I explain this to you because honestly the first time someone described it to me I was not sold on the idea at all – it might be one of those things you really have to try to find out for yourself.


I think much more than in other countries, the British are naturally more uncomfortable to expand and explore their sexual horizons; it’s not easy for us and we shouldn’t dismiss that feeling of unease – for the most part, it’s natural. That being said we shouldn’t let our less than sexually exuberant nature prevent us receiving pleasure. And with Nuru: pleasure is what you’ll get…


Nuru massage is made up of Nuru gel; a fluid made up of Japanese seaweed called ‘Nori’ – nori seaweed has this unusual consistency of being both slippery and sticky at the same time. This consistency makes for the ideal base for an erotic massage as it allows the masseuse to get up close and personal with you – sticking her body close to yours whilst still being able to slip and grind up and down your body.  It gives you a full body slippery, sensual adventure that will stir your sexual energy in all the right places. Now sure it might get a bit messy but what I’d say about that is don’t think about it! Think about pleasure, get down and dirty and you will discover how to get your heart kicking and your member throbbing. It really is liberating, to explore sexual play through Nuru.


Various massage equipment that will be used by the Asian masseuse you choose


How can this type of massage benefit you?

I’m in no doubt that if you were to try our Nuru massage London service for the first time, you definitely would try it again. Once you’ve learnt the secret to complete bliss, an hour of uninterrupted sexual pleasure and the key to full body orgasmic waves, there’s no going back.  If you do feel the need to be convinced further, fortunately for you, I have spoken to two men who tried Nuru for the first time and they’re willing to share that experience with you good folk on the internet! So without further ado, let me introduce you to the men that are nuts about Nuru!


Jack, 32, Conway.

“I guess you could say I’m nuts about Nuru, yeah. First time I tried it was on a whim, a mate had got it down abroad and told me it was proper sick so I figured eh why not. When I went to get it, to be honest with you I was sort of nervous, like I didn’t like that feeling of not really knowing what I was getting myself in to or what I was gonna get and whether I’d actually enjoy it. Fortunately, I had no reason to be shitting it as it turned out to be, and this isn’t me messing here trust me, it turned out to be one of the most religious experiences of my life. Nah seriously, I’ve never felt so in touch with my own body and so connected to somebody else. Perhaps it was the pace of it or the way the masseuse moves, every touch not an accident but an intentional move to build up my barriers of pleasure. Man, I felt like I was tripping, I was glowing, I felt warm and soft and silly and hard… really hard haha. I would 100% recommend it to anyway.”


A professional Asian massage therapist lay on a hotel sofa waiting to give her next client a Nuru massage


Kevin, 56, Leeds.

“I was married for almost 35 years, that’s a lifetime. We met just out of school and got married before I’d thrown out my old exercise books. At twenty one I was a father to a toddler, mortgage, bills and a wife. I’m not saying this was a necessarily dark time in my life but what I’m trying to say is that I was distracted, I grew up quick and didn’t really have much time to ‘explore sex’. We did it the ‘normal’ way and that was that. I never really gave much of a care here nor there about sex if I’m honest with you. It was only as I got older I started to think about all the doors I’d closed by getting married so young. When my marriage broke down I had just turned 50 and I thought that was me done. How wrong I was! Getting on to erotic massage really opened up my confidence to new sexual situations and taught me a lot I didn’t know about my own body. Nuru is the best for me. I don’t know what it is, there’s just something about getting all messy and sticky that makes me feel younger, more alive and that works wonders for my libido- a damn sight better than any sort of Viagra pill I’ll tell you!”


So you’ve heard from them and you’ve heard from me now all that’s left I suppose is for you to get out there and try it yourself. What are you waiting for eh!