Why are massages so great for your body, your relationship and your sex life?

A half naked Asian masseuse sat in a dark room

Why are massages so great for your body, your relationship and your sex life?


Massages have been a part of human life for centuries, and have been very popular amongst many different cultures and religion. Although they may be performed in various different styles, using different techniques, it is safe to say that it is enjoyed and loved universally.


I took to the streets of London to find out the various different reasons why so many men decide to get an erotic massage and here is what they had to say;



Kyle, 22, Lancaster

“I am quite into fitness and I live a very healthy lifestyle, therefore I like to take time to look after myself and my well-being. I always found that a therapeutic massage after a hard training session or a triathlon would always help me to re-energise. However, after training really hard, I felt as if I could not find a way to Zen out enough, so I tried an erotic massage, suggested by my friend. The erotic massages are always very soothing and calm, not only helping my muscles and tension but also making me very aroused. It is always good to relieve stress and anxiety, and I think ejaculating is the perfect way to do so. I always feel much lighter, stress-free and more relaxed afterwards. If anyone is into fitness and lives a healthy lifestyle as I do, erotic massages are definitely a perfect way to get you into top form.”


Strawberries placed on a massage therapists naked bum


Ahmed, 46, Bromley

“My wife passed away a few years ago, and I do not feel ready to get into a relationship or commit myself to another person. However, I do miss having that intimate companionship with someone. The beauty of getting a massage at an Asian massage parlour is being able to be so close and intimate with someone, sharing a special sexual experience with them, and leaving it at that. I enjoy erotic massages so much because they fulfil my needs and I don’t need to deal with all the worries and anxieties that a relationship brings. I can go and have fun with one of the beautiful oriental massage therapists, and then go home and spend some quality time by myself.”


Yusef, 32, Milton Keynes

“I am an adventurist, daredevil and thrill seeker. I love pushing my boundaries and trying new things, which is why erotic and sensual massages are perfect for me. They allow me to explore my sexuality and fulfil all my deepest sexual fantasies and desires. The massage therapists at all of the Central London parlours are highly trained and are always very open in assisting me in my adventures. They are always willing to discuss the services and I am always more than satisfied afterwards. It makes it even better for me knowing that they do not judge me for my preferences, which makes me feel a lot more at ease throughout my session. The masseuse ensures that each session is individual and a unique experience for each client.”


A massage therapist kissing a male clients stomach during an erotic Asian massage


Noah, 25, Bushey

I have always been quite a spiritual person, growing up in a Jewish household, I enjoyed connecting with other people and learning about them. Erotic massage therapy allows me to explore areas such as Tantra, which is highly sacred and special. It has taught me to form a close bond with a stranger, in an intimate and calm atmosphere, using only our bodies to speak. I like using scented candles and dimmed lights to create a relaxing atmosphere while I Zen out. It not only helps with my mental health but helps me to be more open with others.”


What did we learn about our Chinese sensual massage London services?

It is evident that so many men use erotic massage therapy for various different reasons. Whether it be for pleasure, to combat pain, help relieve stress or just give you that companionship that you are longing for, it has many benefits that normal massage therapy cannot provide you with.


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