Five top tips for getting your first full service massage

An Asian masseuse stood posing in a building awaiting her next client

Five top tips for getting your first full service massage

If you’re kick-starting your massage journey then what better way to start than a full service? This massage is usually considered the most superior of them all, as it not only comprises of a super soothing rubdown, but also a hand relief, oral and penetration too.  While it’s guaranteed to tickle your sensual taste buds, booking your first full service can be a little daunting. But fear not, we have enlisted five top tips for getting your first full service massage, which will make you more prepared than Usain Bolt before the Olympics…



1. Book your session at least 30 minutes in advance

While some parlours accept walk-ins, it’s often advised to give at least 30 minutes notice before turning up for your massage (the more time you book in advanced, the better) This ensures there is time for your chosen therapist to have a shower, beautify herself and slip into a sultry costume for your sexy encounter. Turning up unannounced may run the risk of the parlour being fully booked, meaning you’ll have to wait around for a masseuse to become available.



2. Have a shower or bath beforehand

Many clients visit erotic massage parlours as a treat in the evening time. However, we can’t stress more that if your body is stinky from working all day then do wash beforehand. Not only is good hygiene common courtesy, but the therapist is going to be less keen to give you a good time if you have a bad odour. If it’s not possible to have a shower beforehand, then don’t panic – most salons have complimentary shower facilities clients can use as part of their experience. If you’re feeling extra frisky then why not invite your masseuse in for some steamy fun? Assisted showers are available at many salons for just £20 extra. A hot soak also warms the muscles and cleanses the mind, making you more ready than ever before for a full service massage.



3. Do have a light snack (but nothing too heavy)

A light snack is a must before visiting an erotic massage parlour. Not only will feeling hungry during a full service massage distract you from your sensual session, but it does run the risk of your stomach growling – which will only deflate the romance and passion of your session. Although it’s important to eat before a massage, avoid eating a large meal. Stodgy food will only make you feel sleepy, rather than sexy. Massage (and the sexy bits) can also be extremely uncomfortable on a full tummy. It also can make your bodily functions loose – not great if you want to embark on the full thrills with a hot masseuse.



4. Do go with an idea of what you want from the session

So, we all know what the full service involves – but what exactly do you want from your session? Do make an effort to plan what you want from your experience before you arrive at the parlour. Most therapists dedicate a bit of time to discuss the client’s preferences, needs and desires. Whether you’re seeking some sweet vanilla romance or an extra spicier encounter then do let them know. Also, feel free to inform the therapist if it’s your first time seeking full service massage. Masseuses attend to erotic massage newbies on a daily basis and love to tailor the experience to ease you into your first time.



5. Plan to book your next session

Studies have proven that to absorb all of the benefits of full service massage clients need to book the therapy regularly. Whether that being on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. We understand that many clients have busy schedules, so do arrange a session whenever you have some free time. As well as making you feel refreshed, rejuvenated and ultimately 10 years younger, full service massage boasts long lasting benefits which include:

  • Stress relief
  • Decreased aches and pains
  • Encouraged positive thoughts (by erasing negative feelings)
  • Increased sexual stamina
  • A better quality of sleep
  • Anxiety and depression relief



So, we hope we’ve prepared you for the crème de la crème of adult services – that being the full service massage. So what more are you waiting for? Come and experience our full service escort London services today. Our stunning team of Oriental therapists are trained in all aspects of the full service – they love to mould your session to suit your wildest fantasies and more. Please dial our 24 hour hotline to find out which masseuses are available and even arrange your sexy encounter today 07919315322.