What Full Service massage has done for me – Customers reveal all

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What Full Service massage has done for me – Customers reveal all


When it comes to the world of erotic massage therapy, asking questions or enquiring about different services can be quite a daunting thing to do as it is quite a taboo area in British society. Many people do not agree with erotic massage therapy or a woman’s choice to become an erotic massage therapist due to varying cultural or religious beliefs. This means many people get left out in the dark when wanting to know more about what erotic massage therapy has to offer as well as many people getting the wrong impression when it comes to the genuine benefits erotic massage therapy can bring you.


Why is a full service massage the most obvious choice?

One of the most popular types of erotic massage therapy is the “full service massage.” This unique massage style provides the client with a full body to body, naked massage where the masseuse uses her hands and body to help relieve any tension or muscular pain you may be experiencing. This massage style also works to help you with releasing any feelings of stress, anxiety or depression within your mind. The masseuse will combine both physical and mental relief to give you an overall sense of calmness and wholeness. Once you feel in this state of relaxation the masseuse will then incorporate the “extra” services into the massage, such as hand relief, oral and intercourse. However, although she will help you to climax, this is not her main goal. The masseuse wants to approach a full service massage as a physical, mental and emotional journey that enlightens the soul and makes you feel good from beginning to end, rather than simply offering you sexual gratification.


We have talked with some of our regular clients who usually get full service massage therapy to find out just why they do it and how it benefits them both physically and mentally. We believe that erotic massage therapy in the U.K has been misunderstood and want to help people see how it is positive and can have many health benefits for you as well as feeling amazing.


Leo“Full-service massage therapy is one of those experiences that is extremely difficult to explain as there really is no way you can put something that powerful as the feelings it gives you into words. I initially started to receive full service massages simply for sexual gratification at a time when my life was spiralling out of control. Of course if you want to seek full service massage for sexual gratification that is fine but if you are using sexual gratification to cover up other issues in your life then that is where the problem lies.  For me, full service massage therapy helps me to reconnect with myself and make a cross over between both my body and mind. It brings me a sense of fulfilment that is hard to come by. The masseuse always begins by performing a full body to body massage that really does reach every inch of my body, releasing anxiety as well as physical tension. She then uses hand relief and oral slowly and gently, bringing me on a journey of self-discovery and pleasure. It always feels euphoric and has a lasting effect on me for days afterwards.”


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Keith – “Full-service massage therapy is a great way to unwind and relaxes your mind, body and soul in an exciting and pleasurable way. This style of massage therapy has allowed me to explore my body and what I enjoy sexually. I have learned a lot more about how my body works and what areas are the most sensitive. The masseuses make each session unique and individual to cater to the clients own personal needs and desires. They always make you feel very settled and comfortable which is essential giving the intimate nature of a full service massage. The more you feel at ease, the better the experience will be for you and the more you will feel the benefits of the massage session. During a full service massage my orgasm is a lot more intense and it lasts a lot longer.”


Come to Central London for your full service massage!

If you are based in Central London or are simply visiting the area and would like to experience our fulfilling and pleasurable full service massage London services, then please contact us to book an appointment. We are open daily from 10 am – 3 am and you can reach us via SMS, landline or email. Our beautiful masseuses have been highly trained at some of the most elite erotic massage therapy schools across Asia and have come from China, Japan and Korea to work their magic on the men of the U.K. We understand that each of our customers have different preferences and desires which is why we have a wide range of girls for you to choose from. If you want to experience a memorable full service massage in the heart of London, contact us today on 07769005359.